Adults Events
Ministry:Recovery Ministry Location:B-220 (Club 56)
Date:April 17 - December 18
Ministry:Recovery Ministry Location:B-121 (Video Cafè)
Date:April 18 - December 26
Ministry:Events Location:Worship Center
Date: April 21
Ministry:Events Location:Worship Center Building A
Date:April 28 - May 27

Whether you’re new to Christianity, new to Bayside or you’ve been here a while, Men’s Ministry is a place to grow, learn and connect. Strengthen your relationship with God and other men through exciting events and instructive studies. Sometimes we even play golf!

Longing to deepen your relationship with God and connect with other women? Join Bayside’s Women’s Ministry for classes, workshops, retreats, conferences and studies designed to help you build significant relationships with other women. Be changed from the inside out!

Become part of an authentic community, build healthy friendships and experience spiritual and personal growth with people in similar life stages. We exist to provide single adults in our region and our church with a safe, friendly and authentic community. It’s a place for you to connect with God and each other in new and healthy ways. You’re welcome to join us anytime!

We recognize that marriages today face incredible challenges, and so we’re committed to helping you thrive in your life, marriage and family. Connect with and relate to people in the same stage of marriage as you. Just married. Married with small kids, Jr. Highers or Sr. Highers. Empty nesters. We realize that marriage isn’t just about you and your spouse. It’s about your family too, and so we’ve got resources to help you through the various stages of parenting too!

From students to adults, small groups encourage spiritual growth and inspire significant relationships. Connect with others in interest groups, spiritual growth groups or life stage groups. Share your experiences and passions. Build relationships through conversation, service and life. Find your perfect fit today!

Are you in a season of transformation? Are you being stretched? Are you wondering what the next step might be? Check out Bayside’s classes! Expand your understanding of God. Find your next step. Be challenged in new ways. Connect with others.

The ministry of Community Life is all about helping people grow spiritually in their relationship with Jesus by connecting in authentic relationships, engaging in spiritual growth and being equipped to use their gifts. Check out a class. Join a small group for any age or stage of life. Have your emotional, financial or spiritual needs met through one of care ministries. We’re here for you and can’t wait to help you get connected!

Bayside is passionate about outreach! Whether it’s collecting food and clothing, ministering to the homeless, serving seniors, fighting to stop sex-trafficking in Sacramento and Cambodia or providing education to end HIV/AIDS in Kenya – we’re doing it with passion. Share the love of Jesus. Build relationships. Meet needs. Volunteer. Grow. Make a Difference.

At Bayside, we want every child, teenager and adult to feel welcomed, loved and secure. Bayside’s Special Needs Ministries exist to serve families and individuals in our community and in our church with special needs. We provide everything from weekly children’s ministry to ASL interpretation to monthly and annual programs for the whole family.

We know that being a job seeker and finding jobs is challenging at any time, particularly in the current economy. Career Coaching provides an opportunity for you to get equipped with the right skills for a more effective job search, while bringing encouragement and helping you get connected with other job seekers and job opportunities.

If you’re looking for adventure, scenery and a place to connect with others who love to be active, you’re in the right place! We’ve got more than a dozen ways to get involved, including kayaking, hiking, biking (of all sorts!), camping, hunting, fishing, skiing and more. All ages and athletic levels welcome. God created the earth… ride it, climb it, catch it, explore it and protect it!