October 06 2016

 \\  Oct 6, 2016

Remember the “generic brand” items back in the 70’s? The black writing on the white cans and boxes: Bread. Beans. Noodles. But when it comes to our prayers, God’s says,”Get specific!” Pastor @AndrewMcCourt chats about what it means to prayerfully seek God for a “knowledge and depth of insight”, hopefully resulting in specific actions. #BornForThis (click bit.ly/BaysideDevos for more)

Andrew McCourt


Andrew is married to Isabelle and together they have four children. Originally from Northern Ireland, he has been in active ministry for over 20 years and travels extensively sharing the Christian message in a creative, humorous and challenging style. He is committed first and foremost to building local churches and raising up multigenerational leaders. As the father of four children, life is never dull, however he still finds the time to enjoy running, mountains and French food!

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