Fifth & Sixth Grades

Club 56

Club 56 provides an opportunity for 5th & 6th graders to maximize two of the most influential years of their life. We partner with parents to help your youth dig deeper as they grow spiritually while building new friendships and having a great time! We want to challenge them to grow in their faith, serve Christ and share His love with others.

Club 56 Events
Ministry:Recovery Ministry Location:Building C
Date:April 18 - December 26
Ministry:Club 56 Location:Off Campus
Date:April 25 - April 27
Ministry:Children's Location:Worship Center
Date:June 16 - July 18
Ministry:Bayside Kids Location:Off Campus
Date:July 14 - July 18

Tired of looking for the email that has the always required event specific permission slip attached to it? Or arriving at an event only to realize that the form you so diligently filled out is resting comfortably on the kitchen counter where you left it? The attached permission slip can be used for all of the events for Bayside Kids, save it to your computer and fill it out whenever you need it.
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Parent Orientation Packet

All you ever wanted to know about Club 56, but didn’t know who to ask. Here is our annual Parent Orientation Packet.

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Club 56 Weekends:
Saturdays 4:15 & 6:00pm
Sundays 9:45 & 11:30am
B Building, Room B-220

Soul Survivor 101 Wednesdays:
Wednesdays 7:00-8:30pm
B Building, Room B-220
Please note new start time September 11 through June of 2013.

Youth can check themselves in for Club 56 at check-in stations upstairs in Building B, right next to the Club 56 room. Check-in begins 20 minutes before each service and ends 20 minutes after the service starts.

Dive in and enjoy this amazing opportunity to build new friendships, have a good time, grow spiritually and dig deeper. We’ve got all kinds of programs to help you achieve these goals, from weekend to mid-week programs, from retreats to camping trips and so much more! Have fun. Be challenged. Learn. Grow.

Our Goals

Our goals for this 2-year program are to equip and build-up youth by:

Growing spiritually and building a relationship with Christ
Increasing their knowledge of God’s Word
Being transformed in the way they think
Developing Christ-like character
Developing firm Bible-based convictions
Being a wise steward
Following God’s unique plan for their life
Being characterized by selfless love
Being actively involved in their church
Showing compassion to those in need
Responding Biblically to difficult issues they may encounter
Being a spiritual leader

Are You Up To The Challenge? Download the Club 56 Volunteer sign-up form and turn it in to us!

Are you a Club 56 volunteer? Looking for the current curriculum? You’ve come to the right place! Just click on the “Go to Page” button, enter your password and everything you need to know is right at your fingertips! Thanks for all you do. We love our volunteers!

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