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April 13 2014Bryce Jessup: If You Only Had One Week To LiveBryce JessupIf You Only Had One Week To LiveRevelation.mp3NotesQuestions
April 06 2014Ray Johnston: Laodicea: Lukewarm and Loving It!Ray JohnstonLaodicea: Lukewarm and Loving It!Revelation.mp3NotesQuestions
March 30 2014Curt Harlow: Philadelphia: Perseverance Under PressureCurt HarlowPhiladelphia: Perseverance Under PressureRevelation.mp3NotesQuestions
March 23 2014Ray Johnston: Sardis: The Complacent ChurchRay JohnstonSardis: The Complacent ChurchRevelation.mp3NotesQuestions
March 16 2014Curt Harlow: Thyatira: Sex, Lies and CompromiseCurt HarlowThyatira: Sex, Lies and CompromiseRevelation.mp3NotesQuestions
March 09 2014Ray Johnston: You’ve Got Mail: PergamumRay JohnstonPergamum: Revelation 2:12-17Revelation.mp3NotesQuestions
March 02 2014Curt Harlow: Smyrna The Suffering ChurchCurt HarlowSmyrna, The Suffering ChurchRevelation.mp3NotesQuestions
February 23 2014Ray Johnston & Curt Harlow: What Matters MostRay Johnston & Curt HarlowRevelation 2:1-7Revelation.mp3NotesQuestions
February 16 2014Ray Johnston: 4 Life-Changing Lessons From Revelation 1:9–20Ray Johnston4 Life-Changing Lessons From Revelation 1:9–20Revelation.mp3NotesQuestions
February 09 2014Chris Brown: How to Face Your EgyptChris BrownHow to Face Your EgyptRevelation.mp3NotesQuestions
February 02 2014Ray Johnston: Revelation 1-3Ray JohnstonRevelation 1-3Revelation.mp3NotesQuestions
January 26 2014Les Christie: Raising Empowered Kids in a Troubled WorldLes ChristieRaising Empowered Kids in a Troubled WorldStrengthening Your Family.mp3NotesQuestions
January 19 2014Jim Daly: Strengthening Your FamilyJim DalyStrengthening Your FamilyStrengthening Your Family.mp3NotesQuestions
January 12 2014John Jackson: No LimitationsJohn JacksonNo LimitationsStrengthening Your Family.mp3NotesQuestions
January 05 2014Ray Johnston: Romans 8Ray JohnstonRomans 8Strengthening Your Family.mp3NotesQuestions
December 29 2013Curt HarlowCurt HarlowChristmas.mp3NotesQuestions
December 24 2013Christmas 2013Ray JohnstonChristmasChristmas 2013.mp3NotesQuestions
December 22 2013Bill Butterworth: How to Be a Referee This Holiday SeasonBill ButterworthHow to Be a Referee This Holiday SeasonChristmas.mp3NotesQuestions
December 15 2013Curt Harlow: The Four Relationships That Can Make or Break Your LifeCurt HarlowThe Four Relationships That Can Make or Break Your LifeFreedom Project.mp3NotesQuestions
December 08 2013Ray Johnston: 8 Reasons To Live For God’s PurposesRay Johnston8 Reasons To Live For God's PurposesFreedom Project.mp3NotesQuestions
December 01 2013Grant FishbookGrant FishbookGrant FIshbookFreedom Project.mp3NotesQuestions
November 24 2013Curt Harlow: 2 Timothy 4:6-8Curt Harlow2 Timothy 4:6-8Freedom Project.mp3NotesQuestions
November 17 2013Ray Johnston: 2 Timothy Chapter 4:1-5Ray JohnstonDon't Waste Your LifeFreedom Project.mp3NotesQuestions
November 10 2013David Dummitt: 2 Timothy Chapter 4David Dummitt2 Timothy Chapter 4Freedom Project.mp3NotesQuestions
November 03 2013Curt Harlow: 2 Timothy 3:14 17Curt Harlow2 Timothy 3:14 17Freedom Project.mp3NotesQuestions
October 27 2013Ray Johnston: 2 Timothy Chapter 3:10-14Ray Johnston2 Timothy Chapter 3:10-14Freedom Project.mp3NotesQuestions
October 20 2013Ray Johnston and Sherwood Carthen: 2 Timothy 3:1-9Ray Johnston & Sherwood Carthen2 Timothy 3:1-9Freedom Project.mp3NotesQuestions
October 13 2013Curt Harlow: 2 Timothy 2:14-26Curt Harlow2 Timothy 2:14-26Freedom Project.mp3NotesQuestions
October 06 2013Chris Brown: Living a Good Life or a God Life?Chris Brown2 Timothy 2:1-13Freedom Project.mp3NotesQuestions
September 29 2013Curt Harlow: 2 Timothy, Chapter OneCurt Harlow2 Timothy, Chapter OneFreedom Project.mp3NotesQuestions
September 22 2013Ray Johnston & Curt Harlow: Freedom Project KickoffRay Johnston & Curt HarlowFreedom Project KickoffFreedom Project.mp3NotesQuestions
September 19 2013Freedom ProjectRay JohnstonFreedom ProjectFreedom Project.mp3NotesQuestions
September 15 2013Ray Johnston & Curt Harlow: An Introduction To 2 TimothyRay Johnston & Curt HarlowAn Introduction To 2 TimothyFreedom Project.mp3NotesQuestions
September 08 2013Ray Johnston: Standing at The Edge of a Brand New SeasonRay JohnstonStanding at The Edge of a Brand New SeasonPrepare.mp3NotesQuestions
September 01 2013Albert Tate: Disobedient GodAlbert TateDisobedient GodPrepare.mp3NotesQuestions
August 25 2013Curt Harlow: Just as The Lord CommandedCurt HarlowJust as The Lord CommandedPrepare.mp3NotesQuestions
August 18 2013Ray Johnston: What’s Holding You Back?Ray JohnstonWhat's Holding You Back?Prepare.mp3NotesQuestions
August 11 2013Curt Harlow: A Study of Moses’s PreparationsCurt HarlowA Study of Moses's PreparationsPrepare.mp3NotesQuestions
August 04 2013Sherwood Carthen: I Want A Stronger Walk With GodSherwood CarthenI Want A Stronger Walk With GodStronger.mp3NotesQuestions
July 28 2013Dr. Roberta Hestenes: Gratitude or GrumblingDr. Roberta HestenesGratitude or GrumblingStronger.mp3NotesQuestions
July 21 2013Andrew McCourt: Stronger Purpose – Part 2Andrew McCourtStronger PurposeStronger.mp3NotesQuestions
July 14 2013Andrew McCourt: Stronger PurposeAndrew McCourtStronger PurposeStronger.mp3NotesQuestions
July 07 2013Lincoln Brewster: The Power of WeaknessLincoln BrewsterThe Power of WeaknessStronger.mp3NotesQuestions
June 30 2013Curt Harlow: Mark 5Curt HarlowMark 5Defeating The Giants.mp3NotesQuestions
June 23 2013Ray Johnston: Defeating the GiantsRay JohnstonDefeating The GiantsThe Jesus Most People Miss.mp3NotesQuestions
June 16 2013Ray Johnston: Unleashing The Power of FaithRay JohnstonUnleashing The Power of FaithThe Jesus Most People Miss.mp3NotesQuestions
June 13 2013Accelerate Leadership NightRay JohnstonLeadershipAccelerate.mp3NotesQuestions
June 09 2013Curt Harlow: If You Knew You Were FreeCurt HarlowIf You Knew You Were FreeThe Jesus Most People Miss.mp3NotesQuestions
June 02 2013Ray Johnston: All The Difference In The WorldRay JohnstonAll The Difference In The WorldThe Jesus Most People Miss.mp3NotesQuestions
May 26 2013Curt Harlow: The ‘Jesus’ Guide to FollowingCurt HarlowThe 'Jesus' Guide to followingThe Jesus Most People Miss.mp3NotesQuestions
May 19 2013Ray Johnston: First Responder’s WeekendRay JohnstonWelcome Back! Part 2The Jesus Most People Miss.mp3NotesQuestions
May 15 2013Paul & Virginia Friesen: Thriving MarriagesPaul & Virginia FriesenThe Four "C's" for an "A" mariageThriving Marriages.mp3NotesQuestions
May 12 2013Paul & Virginia Friesen: Mother’s DayPaul & Virginia FriesenMother's DayMother's Day Special.mp3NotesQuestions
May 05 2013Chris Brown: How to Feast in a FamineChris BrownHow to Feast in a FamineThe Jesus Most People Miss.mp3NotesQuestions
April 28 2013Curt Harlow: An Invitation To RelationshipCurt HarlowAn Invitation To RelationshipThe Jesus Most People Miss.mp3NotesQuestions
April 21 2013Francis ChanFrancis ChanThe Jesus Most People Miss.mp3NotesQuestions
April 17 2013Marriage Conference With Paul & Virginia FriesenPaul & Virginia FriesenThriving MarriagesThriving Marriages.mp3NotesQuestions
April 14 2013Ray Johnston: Preparing for a Great Work of God in Your LifeRay JohnstonPreparing for a Great Work of God in Your LifeThe Jesus Most People Miss.mp3NotesQuestions
April 08 2013Pastors Breakfast: The Secrets of Finishing WellRay JohnstonThe Secrets of Finishing Well.mp3NotesQuestions
April 07 2013Luis Palau: Is Jesus Christ Relevant?Luis PalauIs Jesus Christ Relevant?.mp3NotesQuestions
March 31 2013Ray & Curt: Easter 2013Ray Johnston, Curt HarlowEaster.mp3NotesQuestions
March 24 2013Bryce Jessup: Legacy MattersBryce JessupLegacy Matters.mp3NotesQuestions
March 20 2013Wednesday Marriage & Family SeminarPaul & Virginia FriesenLove and Respect In MarriagesStrengthening Your Family.mp3NotesQuestions
March 17 2013Ray Johnston: WisdomRay JohnstonWisdomStop Doing Dumb Things.mp3NotesQuestions
March 10 2013Rene Schlaepfer: Stop Losing Your TemperRene SchlaepferStop Losing Your TemperStop Doing Dumb Things.mp3NotesQuestions
March 03 2013Ray Johnston & Curt Harlow: WisdomRay Johnston, Curt HarlowWisdomStop Doing Dumb Things.mp3NotesQuestions
February 24 2013Lee Strobel: ApologeticsLee StrobelApologeticsn/a.mp3NotesQuestions
February 17 2013Chris Brown: Questions at the CrossChris BrownQuestions at the Cross.mp3NotesQuestions
February 13 2013Wednesday Marriage & Family SeminarRay Johnston, Paul & Virginia FriesenRaising G-Rated Kids in an X-Rated World, Thriving MarriagesStrengthening Your Family.mp3NotesQuestions
February 10 2013Ray Johnston: Raising G-Rated Kids in an X-Rated WorldRay JohnstonRaising G-Rated Kids in an X-Rated WorldStrengthening Your Family.mp3NotesQuestions
February 03 2013Ray & Carol Johnston: Strengthening Your MarriageRay & Carol JohnstonStrengthening Your MarriageStrengthening Your Family.mp3NotesQuestions
January 27 2013Curt Harlow: Building Lasting Values In Today’s KidsCurt HarlowBuilding Lasting Values In Today's KidsStrengthening Your Family.mp3NotesQuestions
January 20 2013Ray & Lincoln: Refuse To Settle!Ray Johnston, Lincoln BrewsterRefuse To Settle!The 3 Best Decisions You Will Ever Make.mp3NotesQuestions
January 16 2013Paul & Virginia Friesen: Bayside Marriage Conference.mp3NotesQuestions
January 14 2013Francis Chan: Pastors BreakfastFrancis ChanPastors Breakfast.mp3NotesQuestions
January 13 2013Francis ChanFrancis ChanMultiply.mp3NotesQuestions
January 06 2013Ray Johnston: The Power Of DecisionsRay JohnstonThe Power Of DecisionsThe 3 Best Decisions You Will Ever Make.mp3NotesQuestions
December 30 2012John Jackson: Walking With God All Year LongJohn JacksonWalking With God All Year Long.mp3NotesQuestions
December 24 2012Ray Johnston: Bayside ChristmasRay JohnstonChristmasChristmas Eve Services.mp3NotesQuestions
December 23 2012Bill Butterworth: Faith for a Fear Free FutureBill Butterworthto Stop Being Afraid of the FutureAll I Want for Christmas is....mp3NotesQuestions
December 16 2012Curt Harlow: A Closer FamilyCurt HarlowA Closer FamilyAll I Want For Christmas Is....mp3NotesQuestions
December 09 2012Ray Johnston: Less StressRay JohnstonLess StressAll I Want For Christmas Is....mp3NotesQuestions
December 02 2012Curt Harlow: More JoyCurt HarlowMore JoyAll I Want For Christmas Is....mp3NotesQuestions
November 25 2012Ray Johnston: God Is Not Done Working Through PeopleRay JohnstonGod Is Not Done Working Through PeopleMiracles.mp3NotesQuestions
November 18 2012Curt Harlow: What Makes a Miracle?Curt HarlowMiraclesMiracles.mp3NotesQuestions
November 11 2012Ray Johnston: The Separation of Church and HateRay JohnstonSeparationThe Seperation of Church and Hate.mp3NotesQuestions
November 04 2012Ray Johnston: The Separation of Church and HateRay JohnstonSeparationThe Separation of Church & Hate.mp3NotesQuestions
October 28 2012Curt Harlow: MultiplicationCurt HarlowMultiplicationRefuel.mp3NotesQuestions
October 21 2012Curt Harlow: Applying The BibleCurt HarlowApplying The BibleRefuel.mp3NotesQuestions
October 17 2012Ray Johnston: How To Study The BibleRay JohnstonHow To Study The BibleRefuel.mp3NotesQuestions
October 14 2012Curt Harlow: Interpreting The BibleCurt HarlowInterpreting The BibleRefuel.mp3NotesQuestions
October 10 2012René Schlaepfer: Does Evolution Disprove the Bible?René SchlaepferDoes Evolution Disprove the Bible?Refuel.mp3NotesQuestions
October 07 2012Serve DayRefuel.mp3NotesQuestions
September 30 2012Chris Brown: TransformationChris BrownTransformationRefuel.mp3NotesQuestions
September 23 2012Ray Johnston: Can I Trust the Bible?Ray JohnstonCan I Trust the Bible?Refuel.mp3NotesQuestions
September 16 2012Ray Johnston: RefuelRay JohnstonFoundation: How Does God's Word Change My LifeRefuel.mp3NotesQuestions
September 09 2012Curt Harlow: Made To ServeCurt HarlowMade To ServeBourne To Matter.mp3NotesQuestions
September 02 2012Curt Harlow: Bourne To MatterCurt HarlowBourne To MatterMastering the Decisions.mp3NotesQuestions
August 26 2012Ray Johnston: Bourne to MatterRay JohnstonMake Your Life CountBourne To Matter.mp3NotesQuestions
August 19 2012Ray Johnston: Joshua 3Ray JohnstonJoshua 3Joshua.mp3NotesQuestions
August 12 2012Andrew McCourt: Lost and FoundAndrew McCourtLost and Found: Lost Sheep, Coin and Son.mp3NotesQuestions
August 05 2012Curt Harlow: Joshua 23Curt HarlowJoshua 23Joshua.mp3NotesQuestions
July 29 2012Bill Butterworth: Joshua 22Bill ButterworthJoshua 22Joshua.mp3NotesQuestions
July 22 2012Curt Harlow: Joshua 7-13Curt HarlowJoshua 7-13Joshua.mp3NotesQuestions
July 15 2012Ray Johnston: Joshua 9 – 10Ray JohnstonJoshua | Chapter 9Joshua.mp3NotesQuestions
July 08 2012Curt Harlow: Joshua 7-9Curt HarlowJoshua | Chapters 7-9Joshua.mp3NotesQuestions
July 01 2012Curt Harlow: How To Knock Down a WallCurt HarlowGod Has Beter Days AheadJoshua.mp3NotesQuestions
June 24 2012Ray Johnston: Barrier-Breaking Faith!Ray JohnstonBarrier-Breaking Faith!Joshua | God Has Better Days Ahead.mp3NotesQuestions
June 17 2012Andrew Palau: Fathers Day WeekendAndrew PalauFather's Day Weekend.mp3NotesQuestions
June 10 2012Ray Johnston: Better Days AheadRay JohnstonBetter Days AheadJoshua.mp3NotesQuestions
June 03 2012Ray Johnston: Acts RecapRay JohnstonActs 29Book of Acts.mp3NotesQuestions
May 27 2012Curt Harlow: Acts 27 – 28Curt HarlowActs 27 - 28.mp3NotesQuestions
May 20 2012Ray Johnston: How Jesus Christ Changes EverythingRay JohnstonHow Jesus Christ Changes Everything.mp3NotesQuestions
May 13 2012Carol & Rachel Johnston: Mother’s Day WeekendCarol & Rachel JohnstonHigh Impact New Testament WomenMother's Day Weekend.mp3NotesQuestions
May 06 2012Wess Stafford at BaysideDr. Wess StaffordCompassion.mp3NotesQuestions
April 29 2012Ray Johnston: Not Without YouRay JohnstonYouNot Without....mp3NotesQuestions
April 23 2012Francis Chan: Leadership DinnerFrancis Chan.mp3NotesQuestions
April 22 2012Bil Cornelius : Not Without SacrificeBil CorneliusSacrificeNot Without....mp3NotesQuestions
April 15 2012Curt Harlow: Not Without PassionCurt HarlowPassionNot Without....mp3NotesQuestions
April 08 2012Luis Palau: Not Without Hope(Easter 2012)Luis PalauHopeNot Without....mp3NotesQuestions
April 06 2012Ray Johnston & Curt Harlow: Not Without Hope(Easter 2012)Ray Johnston and Curt HarlowHopeNot Without....mp3NotesQuestions
April 01 2012Ray Johnston: Not Without FaithRay JohnstonFaithNot Without....mp3NotesQuestions
March 25 2012Curt Harlow: Not Without GodCurt HarlowGodNot Without....mp3NotesQuestions
March 18 2012Ray Johnston: Not Without VisionRay JohnstonVisionNot Without....mp3NotesQuestions
March 11 2012Ray Johnston & Lincoln Brewster: Acts 22Ray Johnston & Lincoln BrewsterActs 22Acts.mp3NotesQuestions
March 04 2012Curt Harlow: Acts 21Curt HarlowActs 21Acts.mp3NotesQuestions
February 26 2012Sherwood Carthen: Acts 20Sherwood CarthenActs 20Acts.mp3NotesQuestions
February 19 2012Bill Butterworth: Acts 19Bill ButterworthActs 19Acts.mp3NotesQuestions
February 12 2012Ray Johnston: Acts 18Ray JohnstonActs 18Acts.mp3NotesQuestions
February 05 2012Curt Harlow: This Year I Will Change My World(Acts 17)Curt Harlow...Change My WorldThis Year I Will....mp3NotesQuestions
January 29 2012Chris Brown: This Year I Will Find God’s Will For My Life(Acts 16)Chris BrownFind God’s Will For My LifeThis Year I Will....mp3NotesQuestions
January 22 2012Why Go to church Sunday Night?.mp3NotesQuestions
January 21 2012Curt Harlow: This Year I Will Build A Closer Family(Acts 15)Curt Harlow...Build A Closer FamilyThis Year I Will....mp3NotesQuestions
January 15 2012Ray Johnston: This Year I Will Get In The Best Shape Of My Life! (Acts 13 & 14)Ray Johnston...Get In the Best Shape of My LIfe!This Year I Will....mp3NotesQuestions
January 08 2012Ray Johnston: This Year I Will Do Something Great With My LifeRay Johnston...Do Something Great With My LifeThis Year I Will....mp3NotesQuestions
January 01 2012Bob Balian: Let it GoBob BailianLet it Go.mp3NotesQuestions
December 18 2011Daren Laws: Acts 12Daren LawsActs 12Acts.mp3NotesQuestions
December 11 2011Bill Butterworth: Acts 11Bill ButterworthActs 11Acts.mp3NotesQuestions
December 04 2011Curt Harlow: Acts 10Curt HarlowActs 10Acts.mp3NotesQuestions
November 27 2011Curt Harlow: Acts 9Curt HarlowActs 9Acts.mp3NotesQuestions
November 20 2011Ray Johnston: Acts 8Ray JohnstonActs 8Acts.mp3NotesQuestions
November 13 2011Bill Butterworth: Acts 6 – 7Bill ButterworthActs 6 and 7Acts.mp3NotesQuestions
November 06 2011Curt Harlow: Empire Strikes BackCurt HarlowEmpire StrikesActs.mp3NotesQuestions
October 30 2011Ray Johnston: Acts 4Ray JohnstonActs 4Mark It Up.mp3NotesQuestions
October 23 2011Paul & Virginia Friesen: When It’s Good, It’s Really GoodPaul and Virginia FriesenWhen It's Good, It's Really Good.mp3NotesQuestions
October 16 2011Ray Johnston: Acts 3Ray JohnstonActs 3Mark It Up.mp3NotesQuestions
October 09 2011Curt Harlow: Acts Chapter 2Curt HarlowActs 2Mark It Up.mp3NotesQuestions
October 02 2011Chris Brown: Acts Chapter 1Chris BrownActs 1Mark It Up.mp3NotesQuestions
September 25 2011Ray Johnston: The Book of ActsRay JohnstonThe Book of ActsMark It Up.mp3NotesQuestions
September 18 2011Curt Harlow & Ray Johnston: The Power of ConnectionCurt Harlow and Ray JohnstonThe Power of Connection.mp3NotesQuestions
September 11 2011Ray Johnston: The Power of Waiting on GodRay JohnstonThe Power of Waiting on God.mp3NotesQuestions
September 04 2011Curt Harlow: What Would Jesus Say to…Curt Harlow...Bill Maher, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins and the New Atheist EvangelistsWhat Would Jesus Say To....mp3NotesQuestions
August 28 2011Johnston, Harlow & Laws: What Would Jesus Say To…Ray Johnston, Curt Harlow & Daren LawsBaysideWhat Would Jesus Say To....mp3NotesQuestions
August 21 2011Bob Smiley: How To Get Your ‘Big Gulp’ Of LifeBob SmileyHow To Get Your 'Big Gulp' Of Life.mp3NotesQuestions
August 14 2011Ray Johnston: What Would Jesus Say to…Ray JohnstonWhat Would Jesus Say to....mp3NotesQuestions
August 07 2011Luis Palau: What Would Jesus Say to Sacramento?Luis PalauSacramentoWhat Would Jesus Say to....mp3NotesQuestions
July 31 2011Curt Harlow: What Would Jesus say to Lady Gaga & Charlie Sheen?Curt HarlowLady Gaga & Charlie SheenWhat Would Jesus Say to....mp3NotesQuestions
July 24 2011Albert Tate: What Would Jesus Say to Tiger Woods & Anthony Weiner?Albert TateTiger Woods & Anthony WeinerWhat Would Jesus Say to....mp3NotesQuestions
July 17 2011Ray Johnston: 1 Corinthians 16 Part 2Ray Johnston1 Corinthians 161 Corinthians.mp3NotesQuestions
July 10 2011Ray Johnston: 1 Corinthians 16 Part 1Ray Johnston1 Corinthians 161 Corinthians.mp3NotesQuestions
July 10 2011LTG (Ret) William G. Boykin at BaysideLTG (Ret) William G. Boykin.mp3NotesQuestions
July 03 2011Curt Harlow: 1 Corinthians 14Curt Harlow1 Corinthians 141 Corinthians.mp3NotesQuestions
June 26 2011Ray Johnston: 1 Corinthians 16Ray Johnston1 Corinthians 141 Corinthians.mp3NotesQuestions
June 19 2011Ray Johnston: 1 Corinthians 13Ray Johnston1 Corinthians 131 Corinthians.mp3NotesQuestions
June 12 2011Ray Johnston: 1 Corinthians 11Ray Johnston1 Corinthians 111 Corinthians.mp3NotesQuestions
June 05 2011Ray Johnston: 1 Corinthians 10Ray Johnston1 Corinthians 101 Corinthians.mp3NotesQuestions
May 29 2011Ray Johnston and Curt Harlow: 1 Corinthians 9Ray Johnston and Curt Harlow1 Corinthians 91 Corinthians.mp3NotesQuestions
May 22 2011Curt Harlow: Four Obstacles to Greater RelationshipsCurt Harlow1 Corinthians 81 Corinthians.mp3NotesQuestions
May 15 2011Ray Johnston: 1 Corinthians 12Ray Johnston1 Corinthians 121 Corinthians.mp3NotesQuestions
May 08 2011Paul & Virginia Friesen: A Legacy Worth LeavingPaul and Virginia FriesenLegacy Worth Living.mp3NotesQuestions
May 01 2011Ray Johnston: 1 Corinthians 15Ray Johnston1 Corinthians 151 Corinthians.mp3NotesQuestions
April 24 2011Ray Johnston: Easter Changes EverythingRay JohnstonEaster Changes Everything.mp3NotesQuestions
April 17 2011Glen Cole: The Kiss of PassionGlen ColeThe Kiss of Passion.mp3NotesQuestions
April 10 2011Pastoral Panel: Honoring God in your Daily LifeBayside Pastoral PanelHonoring God in your Daily Life1 Corinthians.mp3NotesQuestions
April 03 2011Ray Johnston: It is A Brand New BallgameRay JohnstonIt is A Brand New Ballgame1 Corinthians.mp3NotesQuestions
March 27 2011Curt Harlow: Passing The Fitness TestCurt HarlowPassing The Fitness Test1 Corinthians.mp3NotesQuestions
March 20 2011Ray Johnston: How to Grow Deeper SpirituallyRay JohnstonHow to Grow Deeper Spiritually1 Corinthians.mp3NotesQuestions
March 13 2011Bill Butterworth: How To Win In LifeBill ButterworthHow To Win In Life1 Corinthians.mp3NotesQuestions
March 06 2011Ray Johnston: How To Strengthen Your LifeRay JohnstonHow To Strengthen Your Life1 Corinthians.mp3NotesQuestions
February 27 2011Ray Johnston: Walking with God in Challenging Times Part 2Ray JohnstonWalking with God in Challenging Times1 Corinthians.mp3NotesQuestions
February 20 2011Ray Johnston: Walking With God In Challenging TimesRay JohnstonWalking With God In Challenging Times1 Corinthians.mp3NotesQuestions
February 13 2011Ray Johnston: 1st Corinthians Series OverviewRay JohnstonAuthentic Christian Living in California1 Corinthians.mp3NotesQuestions
February 06 2011Chris Brown: Sexual Purity is for Prudes and LosersChris BrownSexual PurityMythbusters.mp3NotesQuestions
January 30 2011Ray & Carol Johnston: Making Your Marriage the ExceptionRay & Carol JohnstonMarriageMythbusters.mp3NotesQuestions
January 23 2011John Harris & Robi Quick: If I Get What I Want, I’ll Be HappyJohn Harris & Robi QuickIf I Get What I Want, I'll Be HappyMythbusters.mp3NotesQuestions
January 16 2011Ray Johnston: I Can Make It on My OwnRay JohnstonI Can Make it on my OwnMythbusters.mp3NotesQuestions
January 09 2011Ray Johnston: It’s Too Late to ChangeRay JohnstonIt's Too Late to ChangeMythbusters.mp3NotesQuestions
January 02 2011Albert Tate: Philippians 3:13Albert TatePhilippians 3:13.mp3NotesQuestions
December 26 2010John Jackson: The Day AfterJohn JacksonThe Day After.mp3NotesQuestions
December 19 2010Curt Harlow: Storm Survival 101Curt HarlowStorm Survival 101.mp3NotesQuestions
December 12 2010Colossians 4: Final ThoughtsBill ButterworthColossians 4Colossians.mp3NotesQuestions
December 05 2010Ray Johnston: Restoring Your Passion for LivingRay JohnstonRestoring Your Passion for LivingColossians.mp3NotesQuestions
November 28 2010Ray Johnston: Thriving Through Colossians Part 2Ray JohnstonColossians.mp3NotesQuestions
November 21 2010Ray Johnston: Colossians Pt. 3Ray JohnstonColossians.mp3NotesQuestions
November 14 2010Chris Brown: The “Secret Mystery” of SpiritualityChris BrownColossians.mp3NotesQuestions
November 07 2010John Jackson: Whats so Great About Jesus? Part 2John JacksonColossians.mp3NotesQuestions
October 31 2010Ray Johnston: ColossiansRay JohnsonColossians.mp3NotesQuestions
October 24 2010Ray Johnston & John Jackson: Not in His ChurchRay Johnston & John JacksonThe Christian Atheist.mp3NotesQuestions
October 17 2010Ray Johnston: Don’t Share Your FaithRay JohnstonThe Christian Atheist.mp3NotesQuestions
October 10 2010Bayside Weekend with Luis PalauLuis Palau.mp3NotesQuestions
October 03 2010Ray Johnston & John Jackson: MoneyRay Johnston & John JacksonMoneyThe Christian Atheist.mp3NotesQuestions
September 26 2010Sherwood Carthen: Pursue Happiness at Any Cost.mp3NotesQuestions
September 19 2010Ray Johnston: Believe in God, But Still Worry All the TimeRay Johnston.mp3NotesQuestions
September 12 2010The Christian Atheist: Living with Transforming FaithRay Johnston.mp3NotesQuestions
September 05 2010Albert Tate: Doing vs. BeingAlbert Tate.mp3NotesQuestions
August 29 2010Curt Harlow: Hiding and SeekingCurt Harlow.mp3NotesQuestions
August 22 2010Ray Johnston: New Testament ReviewRay JohnstonThe New Testament Series.mp3NotesQuestions
August 15 2010Rene Schlaepfer: Forgiving Like JesusRene Schlaepfer.mp3NotesQuestions
August 08 2010Chris Brown: Lessons from a Dysfunctional FamilyChris Brown.mp3NotesQuestions
August 01 2010The Classics: CJ Alvarado & Robi QuickRobi Quick and Cj Alvarada.mp3NotesQuestions
July 25 2010The New Testament: Revelation Part 2Ray JohnstonThe New Testament.mp3NotesQuestions
July 18 2010The New Testament: RevelationRay JohnstonThe New Testament Series.mp3NotesQuestions
July 11 2010Ronn Elmore: RelationshipsRonn Elmore.mp3NotesQuestions
July 04 2010The New Testament: JudeJohn JacksonThe New Testament Series.mp3NotesQuestions
June 27 2010The New Testament: 123 JohnRay JohnstonThe New Testament Series.mp3NotesQuestions
June 20 2010Bill Butterworth: So You Had a Bad DayBill Butterworth.mp3NotesQuestions
June 13 2010The New Testament: 2 Peter (Part 2)Ray JohnstonThe New Testament Series.mp3NotesQuestions
June 06 2010The New Testament: 2 PeterRay JohnstonThe New Testament Series.mp3NotesQuestions
May 30 2010The New Testament: 1 PeterRay JohnstonThe New Testament Series.mp3NotesQuestions
May 09 2010The New Testament: JamesRay JohnstonThe New Testament Series.mp3NotesQuestions
April 25 2010The New Testament: PhilemonRay JohnstonThe New Testament Series.mp3NotesQuestions
April 18 2010The New Testament: TitusRay JohnstonThe New Testament Series.mp3NotesQuestions
March 21 2010The New Testament: HebrewsJohn JacksonThe New Testament Series.mp3NotesQuestions
March 14 2010The New Testament: 2 TimothyRay JohnstonThe New Testament Series.mp3NotesQuestions
March 14 2010Overtime: 2 TimothyRay JohnstonThe New Testament Series.mp3NotesQuestions
March 07 2010The New Testament: 1 Timothy (part 2)Ray JohnstonThe New Testament Series.mp3NotesQuestions
February 28 2010The New Testament: 1 Timothy (part 1)Ray JohnstonThe New Testament Series.mp3NotesQuestions
February 21 2010The New Testament: Part 2Ray JohnstonThe New Testament Series.mp3NotesQuestions
December 20 2009The New Testament: 2 ThessaloniansBill Butterworth2 ThessaloniansThe New Testament Series.mp3NotesQuestions
December 13 2009The New Testament: 1 Thessalonians (Part 2)Ray Johnston1 Thessalonians (Part 2)The New Testament Series.mp3NotesQuestions
December 06 2009The New Testament: 1 ThessaloniansRay Johnston1 ThessaloniansThe New Testament Series.mp3NotesQuestions
November 28 2009The New Testament: Colossians Part 2Ray JohnstonColossians Part 2The New Testament Series.mp3NotesQuestions
November 28 2009The New Testament: ColossiansRay JohnstonColossiansThe New Testament Series.mp3NotesQuestions
November 21 2009The New Testament: PhilippiansRay JohnstonPhilippiansThe New Testament Series.mp3NotesQuestions
November 14 2009The New Testament: EphesiansBill ClarkEphesiansThe New Testament Series.mp3NotesQuestions
November 01 2009The New Testament: GalatiansDr. David NystromGalatiansThe New Testament Series.mp3NotesQuestions
October 31 2009The New Testament: 2 CorinthiansRay Johnston2 CorinthiansThe New Testament Series.mp3NotesQuestions
October 25 2009The New Testament: 1 CorinthiansRay Johnston1 CorinthiansThe New Testament Series.mp3NotesQuestions
October 18 2009The New Testament: RomansRay JohnstonRomansThe New Testament Series.mp3NotesQuestions
October 11 2009The New Testament: Acts (Part 2)Ray JohnstonActsThe New Testament Series.mp3NotesQuestions
October 04 2009The New Testament: Acts (Part 1)Ray JohnstonActsThe New Testament Series.mp3NotesQuestions
September 27 2009The New Testament: JohnDr. John JacksonJohnThe New Testament Series.mp3NotesQuestions
September 20 2009The New Testament: LukeRay JohnstonLukeThe New Testament Series.mp3NotesQuestions
September 06 2009The New Testament: MarkDR. GIL STIEGLITZMarkThe New Testament Series.mp3NotesQuestions
August 30 2009The New Testament: MatthewRay JohnstonMatthewThe New Testament Series.mp3NotesQuestions