April 17 2018

 \\  Apr 17, 2018

Realization + Expectation = Utilization! / Bayside-Midtown’s Efrem Smith says the bigger question than “What are we to do?” is to ask, “Who are we to be?”. Then our doing is a direct Spirit-led result of our being! When we realize who God is, and who He expects us to be - as a reflective light of His unifying love - we can be utilized by Him in all our actions!

Efrem Smith


Efrem Smith is an internationally recognized leader who uses motivational speaking and preaching to equip people for a life of transformation. Additionally, he consults on issues of multi-ethnicity, leadership and community development for churches, educational institutions and other organizations. Currently Efrem is the President and CEO of World Impact, an urban mission, church planting and leadership development organization. He is married to Donecia and has two daughters; Jaeda and Mireya.

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