Freedom Project Day Five

Freedom Project  \\  Sep 26, 2013

Our memory verse for this week is 2 Timothy 1:6 where Paul encourages Timothy (and all believers!) to “fan into flame the gift of God.” Why? The intended result of this is to make a Kingdom impact with those gifts! If ever there was someone who had the “cards of life” stacked against him, it would be Pastor Ray’s friend Francis Chan. Yet, he committed his gifts and his desire to fan them into flame, despite the incredible trials he’s had to endure. Let Francis’ message encourage you to do likewise with the gifts God has given you. Dig Deeper Think about your unique gifts. Are you ready to get plugged in to Bayside and use those gifts, passions and talents? How does the bold living and “gift-use” that Francis talks about in this video align with the “full life” that Jesus encouraged us to live in John 10:10? Is there someone you can think of who would be encouraged by seeing this video? Share it via the choices below.

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