Freedom Project Day Nine

Freedom Project  \\  Oct 3, 2013

Trent Jenkins shares an important insight: in order to “fan into flame our gift that God has given us,” the gift that 2 Timothy 1:6 talks about, there must first be something to fan! What was planted in us when we became a Christ follower is the ember--our unique gift, that’s waiting to be fanned into flame. But an ember just sits there until it becomes a flame. And when it does, the result can bring light to God’s love as we use our gift to honor Him! Dig Deeper Trent mentioned the gifts that 1 Corinthians 12 talks about. See which one most fits your passions. Can you think of new ways to serve God with your unique gift? Take a minute this morning to pray for Bayside's youth, that God would continue to stir the embers in their hearts into a passion to serve Him! Do you know someone in high school you can invite to any of the Bayside youth nights?

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