June 08 2014

 \\  Jun 8, 2014

“Going it alone” not only sets us up to be lonely, isolated and discouraged, but it’s also a catalyst for selfishness and self-centeredness to take root in our life. Bayside’s Curt Harlow uses Halloween to help us understand that deep down inside each of us is a selfish nature. This nature is always fighting for our attention, our focus, our devotion. The Bible calls this our sinful nature, which essentially is when we put ourselves above others, and especially above God. But Jesus delivered a deathly blow to our human selfishness, our sinful nature, when He died on the cross. And now we can live a selfless life through our Godly nature! Surround yourself with others who’ll keep you encouraged, accountable, humble, and loved.

Curt Harlow

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