November 25 2014

 \\  Nov 25, 2014

Passage: James 1:5

Chris Brown shares about the process of seeking wisdom from God. This past weekend, he said that wisdom isn’t what we know, it’s how we live! So are we really seeking God to give us the tools we need to help us live a righteous life? That’s the true wisdom that He promises to give us when we ask. And then start praying!

Chris Brown


Chris Brown is one of the Senior Pastors at North Coast Church in Vista, California and one of the two Teaching Pastors. Along with being on the vision casting team, and providing directional leadership for the church, he also co-teaches a preaching course at Bethel Seminary. Chris loves bringing the Bible to life with his gifts as a communicator and storyteller, but most evident in his teaching is his passion for sharing a real and authentic journey with Jesus. Chris and his wife Amy have three children, two beautiful daughters, Sayla and Karis, and a crazy son named Barak. They plan as a family to stay involved in teaching, ministries, and fishing for as long as humanly possible.

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