When we come together, we can make a difference

We love our city. That’s why we’re gathering in the heart of our city at Golden1 Center to celebrate the largest community outreach movement in the Sacramento area and beyond. Not only are we celebrating, but we are also making a difference. We’re rallying around the city that we love and declaring that we are for our kids, for our schools, and for our community.

Because we want YOU to be a part of this historic day, we want to remove any obstacles that may stand in your way. Here’s everything you need to know about our Celebration Service at Golden1 in one convenient place.



There is free street parking on Sundays. However, there are several surrounding parking garages that are available to park in at-cost. The Golden1 Center recommends the following structures:

*For the West Premium Garage ONLY (#10 on map) Bayside Church has a discount avaliable- purchase a parking pass online here. use promo code Bayside5 ($5 off), Bayside10 ($10 off), OR Bayside15 ($15 off)

We highly recommend that you carpool to this event—after all this is a great opportunity to invite a friend!


Shuttles will be leaving from the following campuses:

Adventure Campus:
Arrive at 8:00am for a 8:30am departure to the Golden1 Center. The cost will be $10 a person, $35 max per family.
Register Here!

Granite Bay Campus:
Arrive at 8:00am for a 8:30am departure to the Golden1 Center. The cost will be $10 a person, $35 max per family.
Register Here!

Please note:
Due to limited availability, preregistration is required for all shuttle locations.

Have kids?
All shuttles will go directly to Golden1 Center. There will be no additional stops. If you have registered your child for Kids’ Ministry at our Bayside Midtown Campus (your specific shuttle information will be emailed to you upon registration), you will need to go there directly.


No problem! We'd love to see your whole family, but we do need to prepare for you. Due to limited space at Golden1 Center for kids we have 4 kid-friendly options available. Keep in mind, those who are unable to register before Sept 28th for our pre-registration options have the choice of taking their kids into service or you can take advantage of the Family Lounges.

Pre-Registration Options:

1. Kids' Ministry: Available for children 2 months through 3 years old. Preregistration is required. Register your children by clicking HERE.

Check-in begins at 9:15am.

2. Kids' Ministry Offsite at Bayside Midtown: (2 miles away from Golden1) Available for children 2 months through 5th Grade.

Drop off your kids at our nearby Midtown Campus and hop on our FREE shuttle to Golden1 Center and avoid the parking hassle! Check-in will begin at 8:30am. Preregistration is required. Register your children by clicking HERE.

Walk-Up Options:

3. Family Lounges: If you would like to watch the service with your kids in a family-friendly environment, we will have Family Lounges available in the Arena. Look for signs to the Rush & Assembly Lounges

4. Bring your Family Into the Service: You are more than welcome to attend our Celebration service with your whole family. If you're worried about keeping your kiddos occupied, we will have activity packs available to keep them busy.

Questions about our Kids' Ministry? email kids@baysideonline.com




Here’s where we can make a difference. We are partnering with local ministry partners whose work in our city is truly changing lives and shaping Northern California’s future in inspiring ways.

Here’s where YOU come in:  Being generous can not only look like giving your treasure but your time and talent as well. Will you not only consider supporting local ministry partners through our second offering at the Celebration Service but also consider bringing something or giving your time?

Bring Something:
Making a difference in our schools: We are collecting books for Leataata Floyd Elementary School (kindergarten – 8th grade) and other under-resourced schools in our area. Please consider age-appropriate books (both educational and recreational), for example, chapter books and novels are welcome as well for the older students.

Give Your Time:
Making a difference in families: The Church can make a difference in empowering children and families in the foster care system. Foster care is a calling for some, but we can all do something. Maybe you can prepare a meal or lend support through prayer, or even consider fostering itself. Please consider partnering with Defending the Cause and learning more about this critical partnership.

Making a difference for kids: Did you know 3rd-grade reading levels are used to determine how many prisons they should build in a community? As sobering as this is, the opportunity is here: kids who read every day with an adult will raise their reading level and have better opportunities later in life. What an opportunity for the Church to give hundreds of young students hope for their futures. We have the opportunity to partner with organizations in our area (both in Sacramento and in Santa Rosa) to mentor students one-on-one to help them get to reading level. Please consider partnering with one of our reading mentorship programs.


Still Have Questions about Golden1? We’d love to hear from you! Email us at events@baysideonline.com