Curt Harlow: James – Chapter 1, Part 1

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James Sermon Series

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Curt Harlow


Pastor Curt has spent almost three decades successfully planting campus ministries on some of America’s hardest to reach university and college campuses. You’d think all that time on campus would turn him into a boring egghead – nothing could be further than from the truth. Curt communicates in a hilarious style that will make you laugh hard and then think even harder. Most of all, he will challenge you to find grace inspired ways to apply truth in everyday life.

Authentic Faith Defined

James is an amazing book. Consider this fact: It is written by the half-brother of Jesus, offering a bird’s eye view into the life of our Savior. He is an eyewitness to the ministry of Jesus and to a great period of persecution for Christians. His insight will help us mature in our faith and persevere through difficult life challenges. Whether you are facing financial challenges or the fear of Ebola, God has a plan for walking through the difficult times.

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