Lincoln Brewster: Freedom From Failure

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Lincoln Brewster


Lincoln Brewster, an internationally-acclaimed worship leader, is the Worship Arts Pastor of Bayside Church in Granite Bay, Ca. A multi-talented guitarist, singer and songwriter, he speaks to the hearts of people who are hungry for non-traditional, passionate worship. Lincoln’s latest album, “Real Life” debuted at #1 on Nielsen SoundScan’s Praise & Worship Albums chart and at #3 on Billboard’s Christian Albums chart. While he has reached impressive heights of success, Lincoln’s passion for God far surpasses his musical talent – and he’s an awfully good musician. As modest as he is talented, Lincoln displays his passion to help people enter God’s presence by recording worship songs that minister to a new generation of believers.

Romans 8:5-15

Have you ever wanted to do great? I mean really succeed. With all your might you wanted to make the team, give the speech, sell the product, win the girl, score the winning point, finish on top, win the prize, etc. etc. etc. but instead of winning you failed. Have you ever blown it? Have you ever experienced the agony of defeat? What causes us to fail? How do we overcome a life altering failure? How does our mentality, locality, and the reality of God’s Spirit give us freedom from failure? This weekend we take in-depth and practical look at Rom. 8:5-15 where Paul compares and contrasts the failure that comes from doing life without the Spirit of God as opposed to the liberty and joy that comes from setting our minds on God’s Spirit.

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