Ray Johnston: Acts Chapter 8

A.D. Sermon Series

Each week through June 21st the weekly sermon series is on the book of Acts. This study chronicles the explosive growth of the church in the first century, the persecution of early Christians, and features insights valuable in today’s world. Pastors Ray Johnston and Curt Harlow have a way of making the Word of God come alive with practical applications for daily life.

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Ray Johnston


Pastor Ray Johnston has a rich and varied background as a university and graduate-school professor, speaker, writer, and founder of Thrive Communications. He is also the founding pastor of Bayside Church in the Sacramento, California suburb of Granite Bay, which Ray describes as “a church for people who don’t like church.” Bayside has grown into one of the largest churches in the nation with more than 12,000 people coming together every weekend at the Granite Bay campus and thousands more in multiple affiliated churches throughout the Sacramento region.

Johnnie Moore


Johnnie Moore is an author and humanitarian whose adventures have taken him to more than two-dozen nations. He’s worked with genocide victims in Bosnia and Rwanda, established a sustainable agricultural project in Zimbabwe, visited the world’s largest refugee camps, and on five different occasions has worked in places that were later bombed by Islamic extremists. He is currently focused on providing immediate assistance through the Cradle Fund (www.cradlefund.org).

Acts 8

A Church on the Move

This weekend Pastor Ray brought us the latest in our series on the book of Acts. He also interviewed Johnnie Moore, author of the book Defying ISIS and expert in the spread of ISIS. It seemingly came out of nowhere and now is in the news everyday.  Just what is ISIS and how could it affect you? Check out this short video on Johnnie.

You’ll learn what that means for Christians in the Middle East and the United States.  This is a great opportunity to bring anyone who’s interested in this daunting story unfolding before our eyes daily.

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