Community Life

We have the privilege of caring for people in our community and in the Bayside family by providing resources for those in need. Whether its prayer, counseling, financial assistance, budget coaching, grief support for loss or support during a crisis, your needs will be met in a caring, Christ-like manner. We’re here to bring hope and encouragement no matter what you’re facing.

Various resources for those in need: assistance resources list

Care Events
Ministry:Care Location:Bayside Church
Date: April 27

Bayside offers biblical counseling in a variety of ways. It’s available for individuals, couples and families who are hurting, confused, depressed or in need of objective guidance, direction and encouragement in their lives. Hundreds of people take this first step each year to experience spiritual, emotional and relational healing. Your situation will be handled with care and confidentiality.

If you’re a Bayside of Granite Bay member or established regular attendee, you may apply for financial assistance in the face of a hardship. Assistance is offered as a one-time help for a person/family trying to overcome a financial crisis and get back on their feet.

Immediate/same day assistance isn’t available. There’s a 5-7 day application and review process that includes an appointment with Financial Disciplines for a financial review and assessment before we’re able to proceed.

If you’re interested in starting that process, please Download our application and return it to our office with copies of the bills which you’re asking Bayside to consider assisting you.

Whether you’re celebrating special life events like a baby dedication, a baptism or a marriage, or you’re walking through a difficult experience such as an illness, death or hard life-experience, we’re here to help you walk through it.

We offer a variety of support groups to help individuals, couples and families deal with various life issues. Our groups include the following:

Wounded Heart – for women who have experienced childhood sexual abuse
No Compromise – for men struggling with sexual addiction
Facing Cancer with Faith – breast cancer support group
Women of Hope – cancer support group
Peace Within A Storm – support for those living with a loved one with a major mental illness
Grief Care Class – for those grieving the loss of a loved one

For more information and a listing of the groups Bayside offers, visit the ‘Go to Page’ link.

Starts: Thursday March 27th
Ends: Thursday May 15th
Time: 9:30am -11:30am
Location: 8303 Sierra College Blvd Suite #150 (Offices across from the church)

Lead by: Carol Karkazis, 916-746-8639, & Joni Johnson.
Relational and emotional problems often keep people from being able to grow confidently and spiritually. Boundaries is a support group study which provides the ingredients for lasting change and growth. A women’s support group.